About Sean

Born in the quaint southern town of Savannah, Sean spent his formative years in Atlanta. As a kid, he saw the behind the scenes special for The Empire Strikes Back and thought “that’s amazing, I didn’t know that was a job... but surely only people in Hollywood were allowed to do that.”

So, he pursued other interests and spent several years playing bass in a hard rock band, but like most musical dreams, it wasn’t meant to be. He traded in his bass for a tattoo machine and began his trek into visual art. In an effort to improve his skills applying ink to flesh, he cheated and went to art school. 

There he learned there was a much better career path in commercial art. Cut to a few years later after doing design work in print and motion graphics, he began to transfer those skills to visual effects. 

Finally the time had come for him to head West and begin a career in film and television, but then a funny thing happened... Hollywood came to him. As luck would have it, he turned out to be in the cat-bird seat for what has become the fastest growing production hub in the world - Atlanta, GA. 

It wasn’t long before he began working on what was the most popular TV show in America, The Walking Dead. Success there gave way to more GA-based projects. Sean supervised shows such as 24:Legacy (FOX), The Resident (FOX) and The Red Road (IFC). Being one of the few local yet seasoned pro’s, it only made sense to join up with the premiere VFX house in GA, Crafty Apes. In his short time with the company, he has worked on ABC’s Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, MTV’s Scream as well as FOX features Stuber and the The Hate U Give. 

Currently he is working on the second seasons of both AMC’s Lodge 49 and Netflix’s Insatiable.

Sean enjoys traveling the world, photography and expensive brown liquor.